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Customer Services

How can I create an account?
Create a client account following one of the two below options: 
  1. You can register in our system and create an account using our MY ACCOUNT section on www.trevisuality.com/my-account

1. Fill out the Create a New Account form.

How can I reset My Password?

Can you reset the account password by clicking on the Forgot Password? link located on the login page. An email with a password reset link will be sent to the account holder’s email address.

Why should I register an account with TRE Visuality?

You must register to get discounts on our services and benefits such as date and time reservation, access to your photo galleries, virtual realities, videos, etc. 24/7, 365 days a year. You just need to go to the “Login” section on our website and fill in the requested information.

Each customer account is limited to one email address/master password to log in.

Why should I hire TRE Visuality as my marketing agency?

At TRE Visuality, our job is to provide you with the best image. Our success is based on the constant creation of high-quality real estate photographs, 360 tours and videos while providing exceptional service to our clients.

How do I book a service with TRE Visuality?

For new customers, reservations can be made by booking any of our services in our “Services” section on our website. You can also book using our Instagram and Facebook networks.


You can also book through your online account to get discounts on our services and benefits reserve date and time for your services, access to your photo galleries, virtual realities, videos, etc. 24/7 365 days a year. You just need to go to the “My Account” section on our website and fill in the requested information. 

When do I receive the photos?

Photos and any of the other services are delivered the next day after your photo shoot, directly to your inbox. You will receive an email with the link to access your account, where you can download all your photos directly from the photo gallery and make the payment.

How far in advance should I book my service?

We recommend all our clients to book as soon as the property is granted to guarantee the desired date and time. Our clients will have up to 24 hours before the desired date to make a reservation which are subject to availability. Our commitment is to work hand in hand with the client and support him in his sales process.

Will I receive notifications when making my reservation?

Email notifications are sent to the customer and also copied by company administrators. The different types of email notifications that are triggered in Online Client Scheduling are:

  • Requested Session: The email includes the session request information and informs the client that the request is pending and is not confirmed until it is approved.
  • Scheduled (approved request): The email lets the customer know that one of their requested shots has been approved and scheduled.
  • Scheduled (verified/modified or request approved): The email lets the client know that one of the requested sessions has been approved as scheduled, but that they must verify the session information as some of it may have been modified by the photography company. 

Scheduled trigger (request denied):The email lets the customer know that one of their requested shots has been denied/rejected.

Do you offer a refund?

TRE Visuality has a no refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will work with you to try to meet your expectations by reviewing and/or correcting cases following our standards, re-filming the property, and soon. Revisions must be requested within 5 working days of delivery of the gallery. If no such revision has been submitted within this 5-day period, the reservation is considered fulfilled, delivered and approved. Therefore, you need to place and pay for a new order online, if you have additional changes/requests or revisions after the 5-day deadline.

Will I get the old photos unedited?

No, we do not deliver the unedited HDR photos to our customers, we only send you the edited HDR photos.

Can you edit the images taken by the owner or by someone else?

No, our editing team can only edit images taken by our company.

What are our hours? Do we have availability on weekends and holidays?

Photo sessions are normally scheduled weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. Until 6 p.m. M. Photo session appointments are also available on weekends and some holidays. We can also schedule sunset/twilight photo sessions (please note the exact time of twilight varies throughout the year). If you have a special request outside of those hours, please enter your preferred date and time when ordering online, or send an email so we can see if we can accommodate your needs.

How should I prepare the property for the photo session?

We have some recommendations that you should take into account to photograph the property, you will find it in this pdf.

Why should I hire a real estate photographer?

Our real estate photographer is an artistic professional who takes favorable photos of commercial and residential property. We work with our clients who use the photos to sell properties online. We also take photographs for model home builders, designers, home decorators or architects.

Can photographers decorate and organize properties before taking pictures?

Our photographers have an itinerary for providing our services. We work under an itinerary of routes, guaranteeing all our customers punctuality in the provision of our services. In some cases our photographers will mobilize small items that improve the interior decoration of the property, such as flowers, centerpiece and decorative items to improves the image. We recommend the fulfillment of the checklist to obtain a better result. The first impression is the one that counts. The statistics claim that an organized space that complies with the checklist, increases the exposure of the property in the market.

How can I contact the photographer?

You can establish contact with the photographer through our company phone provided in your booking.

How long does the shot last?

The time of the shot varies depending on the service to be provided. An average time will be as following:

Photo Standard: 30 mins

Photo Premium: 50 min

Photo Diamond: 75 min


These are approximate times. They vary by asking if other services were requested in advance. An approximate calculation of our most requested services together with the purchase of photography services would be the following:


Videos: approx. 60 min

Simple Virtual Reality: 30 min

Luxury Virtual Reality: 90 min

Do weather conditions impact filming?

Our photographers will always strive to make reservations on days when the weather forecast does not portend heavy rain. In case of heavy rain, our photographer will contact you to reschedule the photo session. It’s not a problem if the weather is cloudy with gray skies, because we touch up the perfect blue sky on all windows with a sky and all exterior photos, so all photos will look like they were taken on the best day of the year! !

Do I have to meet you at home to give you access?

No, you do not need to be present at the photo session, as long as you ensure that you provide the photographer with access to the property at the time of booking. However, if it’s possible for you or the owner to be present at the photo shoot to ensure you get the exact photos and angles you want that would be great.

What is Real Estate photography?

Real estate photography involves photographing the exteriors and interiors of houses. The goal is to show the interior and exterior in the best possible way.

What kind of real estate photography equipment do you use?

All of our photographers use top-of-the-line photography equipment. We use digital cameras, lenses that allow us to capture any building from any perspective, professional tripods to make sure all angles are perfect Aligned and all photos are taken in HDR digital exposures to show each home in the best possible light and capture as much detail in each frame as possible. All photos are taken with wide-angle lenses, so we can capture and show as much space as possible in each photo.

How many photos should I order?

While each property is different, we generally recommend that you photograph the exterior front, rear exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and the main entrance and areas. 

It is for them that TRE Visuality, hand in hand with its long experience in the market, has provided our clients with Photography Services divided into numbers of images. 

Standard Photography: 25 images 

Premium Photography: 35 images (include drone photography) 

Diamond Photography: 50 images (include drone photography)

Can I purchase products after completing my order?

Once the photo shoot is complete, you have the option to purchase a variety of products that use the photos in your ad. These products include:

  1. Property website
  2. Digital Twilight 
  3. Premium or Diamond editing 
  4. Flyers 
  5. Virtual Staging
What is the Luxury service?

They are services provided by our photographers to luxury properties that require extra time, improved editing and artistic details.

What is the difference between a regular photo shoot and a luxury photo shoot?

Result: magazine images. 

 Time: During a luxury shoot, the photographer has extended the time to allow for more artistic shots, a smooth staging and a special direction of the client with respect to the shot details (i.e. architectural details/interior design, etc. 

Photographer: Only our most experienced photographers offer the Luxury Shoot product and have been specifically trained to handle the special requirements of a luxury ad. 

 Editing: In addition to using the additional details that come from RAW files, our editing department spends more time editing each photo to give you the details, color, and vitality of luxury shots.

What technique is used for photographs?

Our real estate photo shoots are captured by combining three exposures and edited in high dynamic range, the results are clear, perfectly lit and sharp photos.

What edition do my photos include?

The images go through our editing process, which allows you to highlight attributes of the property and eliminate any element that intervenes with the aesthetics of the photographs.

It should be noted that all our photo services include a standard edition consisting of: *Next day turnaround 

*HDR Merge/bracketing. Lens Distortion Removal 

*Vertical & Horizontal Straightening. Image cropping 

*Image Sharpening 

*White Balancing 

*Brightness & Contrast Adjustment 

*Outdoor Sky Replacement 

*Lawn Enhancement – Repair or Replace 

*Window exposure 

*TV image & Fireplace and flames inserts 

*Flash reflection removal 

*Remove photographer’s reflection 

*Remove Pool cleaners from water 

*MLS gallery

What is the advantage of using Premium Editing?

Premium Editing includes everything that brings a standard editing plus:

*Removing objects like garbage cans, cables, branding products from kitchen and bathroom, shoes, bathroom mats, basically cleaning the space 

* Layers for color change, painting, cleaning driveways, floors, walls, etc.

*Replacement of bulbs 

*Property highlight boundary on aerial photos made with lines

What is the advantage of using Diamond Editing?

Diamond Editing includes everything that brings a Premium editing plus:

*High resolution files. 

*Aerial editing: color fade or drop pin option to give the clients a better understanding of the entire property.

What is the difference between real estate and commercial photography?

Photographs for real estate are created with a different organization and methods than, for commercial ones. Commercials depend on the place where it is located and its characteristics can take more or less time to be photographed completely.

What is twilight photography?

Twilight Photography is an image taken once the sunset starts to show the nightlife of the property. Our Twilight Photography service will make your listing shine!

What time are the twilight photos taken?

The perfect time for sunset photo shoots is 15 minutes after sunset. For the best result, make sure all blinds are open and all indoor and outdoor lights are on before the start of the session.

What is Digital Twilight?

Our Digital Twilight transforms photos taken during the day into a twilight photo. This is an affordable option for those customers who need to stay within a budget. Our Digital Twilight gives the atmosphere and the violet and blue tones of a real twilight.

If you wanted to request photographs of the surroundings of the property (amenities) could you do so?

Of course we are experts in outdoor photography, and we focus on those areas that can increase the value of the property such as community areas, zoning, reserve areas, schools, markets, hospitals, etc. If you buy a premium or diamond service there is no extra cost.

Can I choose the images I like?

No. Our long experience in the market guarantees a professional service where it is up to us to be the best images of your property, maintaining the number of images which includes the requested service.

What is the difference between portrait packages?

The differences can vary in the number of hours that will be dedicated to take the photographs and the times in which the client will have to change outfits, and the number of people who will starring in photographs, however, all packages offer the best quality on the market, creating executive and artistic portraits.

Why it is more convenient to request packages

The time of our customers is important to us, that’s why TRE offers discounts on its packages to promote environmental protection, optimize the times of our customers and photographers, decreasing environmental pollution and investing our time in our loved ones. The purchase of separate services generates a higher cost to our customers.

What is aerial photography and video?

They are captures taken with a drone, which show unique exterior features such as their location within the city /neighborhood or proximity to areas of interest such as lakes, parks, swimming pools, neighborhood, location and fences, etc.

The only package that doesn’t show the property’s amenities is the Standard Drone video package, while the Premium and Diamond packages do.

What is the response time for aerial drone photography and video?

Photography and video of aerial drones are delivered the day after the session.

Is it safe to fly Drone in residential areas?

Your property is our priority! Our pilots have many years of experience and know how to get the images without endangering people or property. In addition, all of our drone systems have an automatic return home function if there is ever a poor signal or low battery.

Do you use FAA-licensed drone operators?

Yes, all our drone operators are authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), as required by law. In addition, all our Drone Operators also have Drone Insurance

Civil Liability. We take drone safety and regulation very seriously. In some areas we are not allowed to fly the Drone (restricted airspace), which may require additional exemptions from the FAA. In these cases, we will request the exemptions. In case we are not allowed to fly, we will notify you and your money will be refunded in full. Keep in mind that in some restricted areas, the height of the drone may be lower, a drone can only fly up to, say, 100 feet. The normal altitude flight height of the drone is up to 400 feet.

What is the difference between video packages?

The difference between video packages consists of the number of square meters that the property or area to be recorded has. It should be noted that all our videos include:

. Two (2) business days turn round 

. Lighting techniques 

. Advanced editing and transitions 

. Exterior Video (drone included) 

. Interior Walk -Through Video 

. Featured on TRE Visuality YouTube page 

. MP4 file 

. Graphic overlays 

. Music online download

How do I distribute my video tour on YouTube?

For free distribution on YouTube:

  • Log in to your account
  • Select the “Publish Video” button next to the property you want to market.
  • Wait for the button to say “Posted “and you will be provided with your YouTube link.
What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated inversive environment with which the user can interact in a seemingly real way using special equipment such as headsets or controllers.

Our professional team ensures quality and experience with the highest standards of the market, creating for you a 100% unique material without any error.

Do you offer Virtual Tours?

Yes, we offer different types of virtual tour videos: 1) Guided tour of Matterport in 3D and doll house: a “quick teaser introductory video (10 seconds)” and a photo of the Dollhouse view are also included. 

It should be noted that all our Virtual reality include three (3) months Virtual Reality hosting.

What is the response time of Virtual Reality?

Next business day in the same email where you will receive your galleria.

Do they create the design of the website or do they just program?

In addition to programming your website we also perform the graphic design and architecture of the page achieving an order within a website that meets all the needs they require.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it's finished?

Yes! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn how to manage it on their own. We’ll provide you with a set of comprehensive video tutorials to help you learn how to move, and we’ll also give you a training session to help you go your way.. (Note: We love answering your questions!).

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Having a mobile-optimized website is more important than ever! We work hard to make sure your website looks good on a variety of devices.

Who writes the content of my site?

We provide a list of questions that must be filled out by the client to the content they want on their website. You are the expert in your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we have a copywriter on our team who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

What if I need help on my site in the future?

We are just an email away! We’re here to help you as much or as little as we need, and we won’t disappear once the site launches. We’ve been doing this for 8 years, so we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

What kind of Floor plans do you offer?

We have several products to offer within our Floor Plans section such as: 

2D Floor Plan Black/White: 

consists of a Floor plan composed of black lines, simple but very elegant. 

2D Floor Plan Full color:

it is similar to the 2D Floor Plan Black/White, but the spaces within the property have color, creating a simple, but more dynamic, Floor building plan. 

Floor plan texture: 

It is a Floor plan with color that also contains textures such as wooden or ceramic floors depends on the property, also simulates the shadows and lights that produce the objects inside the house, also the grass outside it and the decorations that it could have and can be perceived from the zenith point of view. 

.3D Floor Plan: 

It is a much more elaborate Floor Plan created with software for construction of 3D objects, which shows in a three-dimensional way the house starting from its plans. 

.3D Floor plan and animation: 

This service offers to animate in a dynamic and complete way all the model created from its elaboration in the third dimension, giving a very striking and unique mp4 format to present a Floor plan.

Can internal and external renderings be done?

Of course in addition to other rendering services we offer so you can have a complete experience such as:

Exterior Render 

Interior Render 




Builder Project 

Animation 360 

All our rendering services have the best quality on the market, thus offering all the options to create the most unique projects.

What are Add-ons?

They are add-ons that you can order to enhance your photographic project. We have the widest list of add-ons on the market ranging from videos, 3d tours, digital twilight, virtual staging making sure you can get the best service and the most complete experience when it comes to working. with us. To know more about our Add-ons we invite you to download our pricelist.

What can I use a Zillow Boosters for?

Our Zillow certified accredits us as experts in displaying properties for the public, we can create 3D home tour so that users can walk digitally throughout the property having a realistic and complete view of the whole house.

What is Virtual Staging for?

Virtual Staging allows you to digitally decorate the property without making exuberant expenses, obtaining the same result when furnishing a house. Virtual Staging is used to recreate the site that was photographed and place elements that can enrich the photograph, if the space merits placing an object (for example : bed, or fridge or kitchens or any other common object within a home) with Virtual Staging can be added in a realistic and very attractive way so that it can complement the whole space.

What is the response time for Virtual Staging?

The virtual staging takes up to 3 working days from the receipt of the order form using the template system.

What is a slideshow?

A Slideshow in an mp4 format that shows through photographs the entire property from its exterior view through the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen etc., accompanied by music Royalty-free instrumental so you can have a unique and entertaining product in turn. Our staff specialized in interior decoration, will choose the decoration that best suits the property.

What is an intro video?

An intro video is an accessory of virtual reality. It is a presentation of the property that consists of showing both its architecture through Floor Plans and a more realistic look using virtual reality, in addition to also revealing information about the property such as number of rooms and bathrooms, square meters and any pertinent information.

Do you do graphic design?

We have a graphic design department dedicated to the creation of graphic pieces covering all the areas you require, always generating the most creative and efficient projects of the market, with the highest quality and in record time.

What are the applications of corporate identities (branding)?

They are images that show the logo applied to different surfaces for better appreciation. Examples: the logo on a flannel, the logo on a cup of coffee, the logo on a corporate vehicle etc.

How long does a motion logo last?

They are mostly used for inputs or to finish a video, so their established time is 2 to 3 seconds to be used as an opening.

Do you take care of business card prints?

Yes, in addition we have it organized by Standard, Premium and Diamond packages all differ by the number of cards we deliver, it should be noted that you can also choose material and textures of the cards for your best experience.

Can I add services once the photographer arrives at the property?

We suggest to our clients the reservation of all the necessary services for the major exhibition of their listing up to 24 hours before the reservation. Any request made after these 24 hours is subject to availability. Our photographers have exact times for the provision of the service and a schedule for the next appointments complying with the times of all our clients.

Can I ask the photographer to decorate the property?

The photographer is only empowered to take the images. The decoration and organization of the property must be guaranteed before the arrival of our staff. It is important read our checklist to so that they prepare the property, and it can be phothograph

Can I ask the photographer for an extra service during my shooting?

It must be consulted by phone with the administrative office for approval and will be subject to availability.

How do I access my photos?

First you need to go to our website and click on login. Then log in with your login information. Click on “Orders “and, select the order (property address) from the list. Click “Photo Gallery”, located in the upper right corner. Here you can view and download your photos.

How do I download MLS quality photos?

The day after the session, you will be emailed the quality photos.

How do I add my virtual tour video to MLS?

We always provide you with an unbranded YouTube link and with the MP4 file that you can download directly from the platform, it is usually the last file within the photo gallery. Go to MLS, click “My Active Ads”, then select the particular ad you want to upload the video to and click “Edit”. Then click “Single-Family” on the left side. Then click on “Financial Information”, which is the last page. Scroll down and add the YouTube link where it says, “Virtual Tour Video”. Then click “send listing”. Keep in mind that some agents do not have the rights in MLS to add videos to their own list, in this case, you should contact your broker and that your broker does it for you.

Who owns the photos?

TRE Visual, L.L.C., owns the copyright to all photos, but our customers receive a license to use the photos. It is not allowed to resell or refuse the photos. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find a price list?

You can check our price list on our website, on the services page. You can also download it in pdf on the same page or at the end of the website.

Service page and pricelist

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes, we only accept prepayments with any credit or debit card. You will receive an automatic confirmation email with receipt, after you have placed an order online.

What are the payment terms?

We do not require a deposit to make your reservation. The service will be canceled once our customers receive the email with the download links which will be enabled once the payment is processed. All credit and debit cards can be used on the website. Your credit/debit card may be billed again after placing an order for additional fees, may include additional photo products, cancellations.

If I buy a package, do I get a discount?

Yes, our goal is to save our customers time. That is why we have designed packages with the most sought-after services offering discounts. In this way we provide the necessary services in a single visit.

By buying packages and getting all the necessary services for a quick sale, you are saving the environment by cooperating with the least amount of vehicle use.

Are there discounts available?

No, we have fixed prices. We focus on volume and operate on low margins, so we can keep our prices very affordable with the highest quality. , high quality edited HDR photos and prices! We are the best in the industry!

How do I get a discount coupon?

Visit us on Instagram to get our coupons. Each trimester we publish coupons to be used during its season. We publish coupons for spring, summer, autumn and Christmas.

Is my reservation cancelled in case of Rain?

Our photographers will always strive to make reservations on days when the weather forecast does not portend heavy rainfall. In case of heavy rain, our office will contact you to reschedule the photo shoot for free. Not a problem if the weather is cloudy with gray skies, because we retouch the perfect blue sky in all the windows with a sky and all the exterior photos, so all the photos will look as if they were taken on the best day of the year!

We will start with the exterior photos, and if it has not yet started to rain. In case it is raining, you will start with the interior photos. In the state of Florida the rains are estimated to last an hour. Exterior photos will be taken once the interior service is completed. To cancel you must inform our customer service for any cancellation by writing to us at info@trevisuality.com or by calling us at 407-549-8792

Can I use these images for Airbnb?

Our basic photo packages are only licensed for publication in MLS. Our luxury photo packages can get licensed for Airbnb or VBMO for additional license fees (about 2 cents per square foot).

Can I request images taken previously?

Within the account of each client is the access to their galleries for 3 months.

Can I request a photographer?

Unfortunately we do not have this option. Our team of photographers provide services following the itineraries and the route that are generated of all the requests.

What are the terms and conditions?
Do you support charitable organizations?

TRE Visuality donates a portion of the proceeds to animal protection organizations. Donations range from food, veterinary expenses, adoption expenses, beds, etc. Every month the company is engaged sponsor animals in USA and other countries.