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Tacoronte Real Estate Visuality (TRE Visuality) specializes in Visual Marketing for residential and commercial spaces in Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Tampa and Cocoa Beach . The company was founded by the architectural photographer Jessica Tacoronte @jessitacoronte as a project to grow the Real Estate Marketing along these cities. Now, we have completed thousands of projects for Property management companies, Real Estate Brokerages, Developers, Contractors and Real Estate Agents.

Jessica obtained her degree as an attorney in her country of origin, Venezuela with the aim of defending animals and the environment in this country. Due to the war, she was forced to leave the country, which led her through the passion for photography, the responsibility of communicating to the world the beauty that lies within each city, in each home and the influence that each city has by the nature. Under the belief that rights must be equal on both sides, nature and its animals and the city and its people, the convergence between both photographic tastes has driven the sending of messages behind each image of how we are responsible for the care of our planet and how we are closely linked to mother nature. The animal protection through donations to charitable organizations as well as her hard work in the protection of stray pets have made TRE Visuality the way through which Jessica manages such collaborations. Creating awareness is another of Jessica's quest to highlight the natural beauty that hides each building through the use of the drone.

Jessica Tacoronte is an internationally recognized leader in the photography of architecture, landscape, wildlife and interior design.  Jessica's pursuit of landscapes, architectural and wildlife images have taken her around the world almost continuously for well over a decade now.  The visual drama and artistry of her photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness and cities. This passion shines throughout Jessica’s work and has attracted a wide audience around the world.

Jessica’s success in landscape and wildlife photography derives from patient single-minded pursuit of all the unique moments that generate the magic and energy of the wilderness and real life, often spending weeks or even months immersing herself in the landscape she shoots despite the rigors of season and weather. Architecture and interior design have come across her appreciation for any kind of details for lifestyle.

Jessica’s photographs have been published extensively worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from calendars, books, advertising and the publications of listings, magazines and more.


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