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Is my reservation cancelled in case of Rain?

Our photographers will always strive to make reservations on days when the weather forecast does not portend heavy rainfall. In case of heavy rain, our office will contact you to reschedule the photo shoot for free. Not a problem if the weather is cloudy with gray skies, because we retouch the perfect blue sky in all the windows with a sky and all the exterior photos, so all the photos will look as if they were taken on the best day of the year!

We will start with the exterior photos, and if it has not yet started to rain. In case it is raining, you will start with the interior photos. In the state of Florida the rains are estimated to last an hour. Exterior photos will be taken once the interior service is completed. To cancel you must inform our customer service for any cancellation by writing to us at info@trevisuality.com or by calling us at 407-549-8792

Can I use these images for Airbnb?

Our basic photo packages are only licensed for publication in MLS. Our luxury photo packages can get licensed for Airbnb or VBMO for additional license fees (about 2 cents per square foot).

Can I request images taken previously?

Within the account of each client is the access to their galleries for 3 months.

Can I request a photographer?

Unfortunately we do not have this option. Our team of photographers provide services following the itineraries and the route that are generated of all the requests.

What are the terms and conditions?

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