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After finishing my shooting

How do I access my photos?

First you need to go to our website and click on login. Then log in with your login information. Click on “Orders “and, select the order (property address) from the list. Click “Photo Gallery”, located in the upper right corner. Here you can view and download your photos.

How do I download MLS quality photos?

The day after the session, you will be emailed the quality photos.

How do I add my virtual tour video to MLS?

We always provide you with an unbranded YouTube link and with the MP4 file that you can download directly from the platform, it is usually the last file within the photo gallery. Go to MLS, click “My Active Ads”, then select the particular ad you want to upload the video to and click “Edit”. Then click “Single-Family” on the left side. Then click on “Financial Information”, which is the last page. Scroll down and add the YouTube link where it says, “Virtual Tour Video”. Then click “send listing”. Keep in mind that some agents do not have the rights in MLS to add videos to their own list, in this case, you should contact your broker and that your broker does it for you.

Who owns the photos?

TRE Visual, L.L.C., owns the copyright to all photos, but our customers receive a license to use the photos. It is not allowed to resell or refuse the photos. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.


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